Bl—- BT and forage

I am really limited at the moment; phone stopped working on Thursday and was reported to BT.  The (business) broadband line runs on my (residential) phone line and usually the broadband gives about 6 mb or so.  With the phone fault it gives a max of about 1Mb and drops out completely too often.  Uploading photos has become impossible.  It is Sunday.  BT charges people rental etc at the weekend so therefore these days should be classed as working days.  BT’s code says they will aim to repair within 3 working days and have worked out that from thursday AM 16th june that means they aim to repair by 5pm 21st June.

So, I won’t be able to illustrate this or the HighendenBuzz blog for a few days.

Not sure whether I am really thick, but I am not sure I understand the difference between nectar and pollen producing plants.  I know the pollen is food for the larvae and is coloured and nectar is the basis of honey; honey is concentrated nectar with enzymes and more added.

When trying to understand what constitutes a bee friendly plant, I am not sure whether it encompasses those plants that have both pollen and nectar or that have one of them.  Why is it that some plants look the same over a period of weeks yet seem to be shunned by bees for a few weeks and then be of interest for the remainder of the time?  Perhaps the bees are aware of all suitable plants and they prioritise those with the biggest ‘score’ – so a medium score plant may be ignored if there is a better plant for part of the time.  I understand that plant information must vary according to location and prevailing weather conditions so what I need to do is to create a diary, almost, developing over time thorough information about the plants I see my bees visiting.  But knowing whether it is for honey or nectar could be a little hit and miss.

To-day and yesterday I have seen bees on yellow honeysuckle, hebe, rowan and brambles.  As it happens I have seen bumbles and honeybees on each but when it is a little rainy there are more bumbles than honeybees.  Apparently the honeybees like the brambles for nectar but as the flowers are upturned, any rain washes away the nectar.

PS Phone is now working again and broadband more normal for data transfer.


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