Bubbles in hexagonal jars ..and cleaning up the kitchen.

I like the hexagonal jars and there is something satisfying about the fact they echo honeycomb cells.  I noticed that on my jars they all have little bubbles accumulated at the points of the hexagon on the shoulders of the jar.  Of course they are beautifully hexagonal but would it have happened had I let the honey settle longer before placing it in the jars?  I am not sure it would as the act of pouring into jars creates some air.  So this may be a strong reason for preferring the standard 1 lb jars.

I haven’t double checked all the weights yet – so keen making sure I did not spill or waste honey.  I guess I ought to weight an empty jar and lid for all sizes and then weigh the full ones to make sure I have at least the weight I claim.  These early jars are mainly for giving away so I cannot be said to be fiddling anyone yet!

Hexagonal jar of honey showing bubbles

Hexagonal jar of honey showing bubbles


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Definitely past it - whatever it was - I may have blinked and missed it. New to beekeeping and totally entranced by the experience. That is probably all you need to know until I work out how secure this blog is. Great fan of recycling - see ilovefreegle.org to find your local group. Save things from landfill. Pass on your surplus, locally, for free or ask for things you need in case you can have someone's cast off again for free.
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