Even more impressed with this water idea

Last year I shared with you an idea pinched from the good folk on the beekeepers forum.  It showed how a 5 litre sized container could be adapted with an oasis block to provide a good supply of water in a format that was accessible to bees in such a way they had less chance of drowning.

Ingenious water reservoir/feeder

Ingenious water reservoir/feeder

It wasn’t a pretty item even then.

But the bees seemed to like it, it didn’t dry up easily and topping it up was a doddle.

I haven’t topped it up since the winter but I left it more or less in its original location.

Imagine my surprise when I looked during the last couple of days.

Bees using the new water contraption

Bees using the new water contraption

It looks even less desirable now, but the bees seem to love it.  I couldn’t easily count how many were there each time I looked but it must have been close to 20.

I’ve taken a very short video because for many the sight of the bees pulsating as they take on water is more informative than a mere still picture.  .

Bees drinking water

Bees drinking water from improvised reservoir

Some text down here to act as placeholder.


About apiarylandlord

Definitely past it - whatever it was - I may have blinked and missed it. New to beekeeping and totally entranced by the experience. That is probably all you need to know until I work out how secure this blog is. Great fan of recycling - see ilovefreegle.org to find your local group. Save things from landfill. Pass on your surplus, locally, for free or ask for things you need in case you can have someone's cast off again for free.
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3 Responses to Even more impressed with this water idea

  1. Emily Heath says:

    What a great idea. What did the container originally hold btw (trying to think where I could get one of similar size)? And how often do you fill it up in the summer?

  2. The container originally had screen wash in it – obviously I washed it out thoroughly. I only needed to fill it about 3 times last summer – rain obviously tops it up and it may have caught some water when I was watering some new grass seed in the area. Sounds as though using hoses will be out this summer – though are we allowed to use them for livestock?

    • Emily Heath says:

      Thanks. Think the ban is coming into place here in London in April. Not sure about livestock sorry. The only animal I have is my cat, luckily he doesn’t want watering.

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