More bee data – and musings about integrity and what makes a company impressive

We have been beset by more banker scandals over the last few days in the UK.  It seems to me we have stopped rewarding integrity and loyalty and shouldn’t be too surprised at the results.  Companies are Oh so good at filling our inboxes with emails that purport to make generous offers to their special customers or introductory offers, yet when you analyse them you start to find the hidden costs.  Or they plague our phones despite our registration with the TPS, saying they are not trying to sell us things but trying to help us. Until, that is, we find the real purpose of the call. Would those companies please realise that we can tell when we are being duped and we are not idiots and that being treated as such is a turn off not an inducement to trade.

The Bee Data I have been listing at odd times in my blog is a community project from a Netherlands company NSPYRE.  It has cost me nothing so they gain nothing financially from me – yet they have been so charming and helpful by their own initiative I feel I want to find out more about them and buy from them if at all possible.  The data has had a few interruptions and I wrote after one such in case they had not noticed.  Since then I have received several pieces of information about progress and more.  I even had one from someone with the name Marjolein – which for me was added an extra piece of magic  because one of the bees bears this name.  I imagine that the names bees could all have links to those involved in the project.  This project will probably only feature on the negative side of the company accounts.

However, the banks spend a fortune on advertising which we ‘dilute’ or ignore because of past experience – I’d like to see their expenditure on advertising limited and have them required to do some community tasks instead.  I was going to say they could perhaps mentor some teenagers in schools – on reflection that might just perpetuate their lack of integrity.


Back to Bee data.  I am sure I don’t fully understand how the bee data is generated as I was told only 10 bees are chipped – or should than be 10 percent?  However, I was given another link and from this link found a chart that is useful.Hourly bee activity compared with temperature

What is particularly useful is seeing two days’ data and also being able to see the data when you hover over the bars.  For example, for 3 pm yesterday shows there were more than 34000 movements and the temperature had been rising from about 19 the previous hour to 21 degrees.  This was the hour of greatest bee movement but not the highest temperature during the day.  I can also see that the average number of movements between midnight and 5 am was about 4000 – 5000; I can only see the late evening data for one day but at 9 pm it was 12000, 10 pm it was ab little over 8000 and at 11 pm it was a little above 7000.   I find this very surprising and it does have implications for some of our practices where we assume that if we collect a nuc at 9 pm then all the bees are safely tucked up.  I guess the thing to do would be to have another nuc placed where it had been to collect any flying bees.


Some of the characters I have highlighted since I started looking at the data are ‘Marjon and Wilke’ and ‘Jenny and Naomi’.  There are lots of others I am half aware of.  Marjon and Wilke are both still going strong and still flying either in synchronised patters or at times ‘flipped’ with the one going out to within minutes of the other coming in.  I haven’t spotted Naomi for a day or so though I have got data for Jenny.  It is possible that because I cannot grab all data I have just failed to see Naomi and she is still busy.  I am heartened that a full 4 weeks after I started collecting data the bees still seem to be around – but this may be because I have misunderstood something about the data.  I think I will have to ask some questions of the nice people at NSPYRE though I don’t want to presume/ take advantage of  their generosity.



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