Beekeepers in Winter: Preparing for Countdown

Someone on Twitter referred me to the site when I had mentioned I was goint to a Countdown audition.  The first thing I needed to do was to look up the word.


I am not sure whether this is completely inappropriate for a beekeeper – or symbolic that the bees don’t fly much in winter.

Once I got to the site I was in turn Very Impressed and Very Confused.  There is so much that is good on this site it is almost a delight at every turn.  Names of past competitors  can be seen in the chat room and referenced with wit in the items you find as you complete games and in the name of the many imaginative variations of play.  However,  even as a confident user of computers, there were a few things about the site and the navigation that bemused and befuddled.  I tried to choose the option ‘spectate’ so I could see others playing the game but nothing seemed to happen.  (I wonder later whether my machine was too slow, I was too impatient or a window had been hidden).  I managed to find the solo games and aim for some stars on the first path – but the yet to be played stars are so pale on my computer that I was trying to click a yellow one I had managed to stumble through and wondering why nothing happened there.  It was frustrating that fumbly fingers and nervousness meant I couldn’t click to explain my method to succeed with the numbers and lost all points despite knowing how to do it.  Yet I have become addicted and am frequently delighted by the wit and variation within the site.   So – how to help others come to appreciate the delights of this site?


I have created a little guide in pdf format which I will try to upload here.  I have also created a little video of the nub of the site – playing games.  It is on youtube I haven’t speeded it up though I have cut some of the later letter rounds purely because some people might like to experience the speed at which it works.  There are variants of games with a longer time for each round and others which are very much faster.  The guide is here Apterous guide


About apiarylandlord

Definitely past it - whatever it was - I may have blinked and missed it. New to beekeeping and totally entranced by the experience. That is probably all you need to know until I work out how secure this blog is. Great fan of recycling - see to find your local group. Save things from landfill. Pass on your surplus, locally, for free or ask for things you need in case you can have someone's cast off again for free.
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