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More pollen? Can't remember the name.

More pollen? Can't remember the name.

My beginners course starts on Monday 7th March in Wendover, Bucks (MBBKA).  What a nuisance the car is misbehaving – we have to get me to the course and Jack back home.  I have the course notes (Do they expect us to have read them?)

On Sat 5th March there was the Bucks County Beekeepers seminar day.  The speakers were just excellent and I cannot praise the day too much – the refreshments, displays and the content of the talks.

The quiz was in two parts; identifying honey samples (with a few rogue products) and a more general quiz.  I got 9/24 – the highest was, I think 17, so I have a lot to learn!  Was very proud that I knew what a woods apidictor was – that was thanks to the beekeepers forum.

There is a parliamentary debate – or rather a debate of a group that involves politicians and other interested parties – on 4th April that sounds valuable but I don’t think I have much to contribute at this stage.

It was good to recognise some members from both HWBKA and MBBKA and to talk to a few from NBBKA and Chalfonts BKA.  I even found a few people who were even less knowledgeable than myself either looking for a course to attend or in the process of attending.  The HWBKA course started a week or two back.  I was also astounded at the level of questions after the speakers contributions.  They say intelligence is not the answers you know but the questions you ask – it is obvious that many beekeepers really ponder about their bees and their behaviour in an almost scientific way.  I had just finished reading ‘The Beekeeper’s Pupil’ by Sara George.  It is a very good read because it is the story of a man who, at the time of the revolution in France, became PA to a man who though blind, wanted to understand more about bees so needed an assistant to be his eyes.  Their scientific approach and the way they made early discoveries about how the queens mated, for example, was fascinating and of course there is quite a lot of beekeeping knowledge entwined in the story.  A gentle but very enjoyable book – may not suit those with no interest in bees!

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