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Basics about the bees

Thermal imaging for beehives – geeky or wise?

I’ve just been reading up about thermal imaging – in particular the FLIR camera lens for IOS. There is a great article here – this blog from Rusty is so good that every beekeeper should read it – regularly.  … Continue reading

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Another gem from Rusty – this time on laying workers

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In bait hive style, I realise I have a lot to learn

Most beekeepers eventually have bad backs.  Mine was dodgy even before the beekeeping and my garden trolley does help me keep going.  But I don’t inspect if it is having a bad day or so which is why I decided … Continue reading

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Is this a Swiss Chalet for bees?

When beekeepers go on holiday, I am afraid they look out for local bees and local honey as well as taking time to admore the scenery. The first time I spotted what I was convinced was a Swiss version of … Continue reading

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Neglect – and time for a bait hive

I’ve been neglecting this blog a little as it has been so interesting now we have the Arnia hive monitors at our Hughenden Manor Apiary.  I so wish I could do this at home, or set up a Raspberry Pi … Continue reading

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Feeding time in the apiary

Autumn Feed time.  That means making syrup at winter strength to make up for any honey we have removed to ensure food stores for the winter and to encourage winter bee production. Something that is most bizarre is that supermarkets … Continue reading

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Ungrateful ladies

Today,  given the unusual heat and the fact that my previous very successful water source seemed to have a leak (Possibly a deer or a badger had a go at it?) the plan was a Mark 2 version.   The … Continue reading

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Grim statistics – and a few positive initiatives.

I belong to two beekeeping associations and the first one has written about the winter losses for 2012/2013 and put it in context over the last 5 years figures.  It is grim reading and reflects what I have heard from … Continue reading

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Just a modicum of success and a beekeeping disaster

I’ve been waiting for a suitable opportunity to do the oxalic acid treatment and feed if necessary.  It has been very cold and damp but yesterday was to have a milder day with some sun.  I practised using the container … Continue reading

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Awe and wonder by the flowerful – not enough in our classrooms.

Ready for some awe and wonder?  Look here short videos of such beauty – if you are a teacher, try them as your students settle at the beginning of a lesson.  There is even one captioned in French for … Continue reading

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