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In bait hive style, I realise I have a lot to learn

Most beekeepers eventually have bad backs.  Mine was dodgy even before the beekeeping and my garden trolley does help me keep going.  But I don’t inspect if it is having a bad day or so which is why I decided … Continue reading

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Neglect – and time for a bait hive

I’ve been neglecting this blog a little as it has been so interesting now we have the Arnia hive monitors at our Hughenden Manor Apiary.  I so wish I could do this at home, or set up a Raspberry Pi … Continue reading

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Swarms – just like buses it seems.

Last Sunday I received a message just after 1 pm about a swarm at Hughenden manor on the fence of our apiary.  It seemed impossible that it was NOT due to one of our colonies.  Only the week before we’d … Continue reading

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A touch of the contrary ..or just plain serendipity

Last year I was on the swarm list so I had a ‘kit’ to hand.  When my turn came, the HWBKA swarm officer delivered the swarm to me so I did very little.  Incidentally beekeepers, if you are on a … Continue reading

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