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Awe and wonder by the flowerful – not enough in our classrooms.

Ready for some awe and wonder?  Look here short videos of such beauty – if you are a teacher, try them as your students settle at the beginning of a lesson.  There is even one captioned in French for … Continue reading

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Thankfulness with a twist.

I am in a very peculiar mood.  Flushed with success for finding an almost perfect present for hubby’s birthday the air of the US Thanksgiving seems to permeate.  This year being thankful for anything brings to mind the sugar sweet … Continue reading

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A couple of IMPORTANT blog links/ tweets!   two girls have had the idea of asking people to send in photos of themselves reading books in support of Malala Yousafzai the girl who was shot by the taliban because of her belief in the right to … Continue reading

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The rooftops of London … high class hives!

I can’t believe I have only just found this as it dates from 2009. Worth a look

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Great experience

My short visit to Floriade, especially the bee pavilion lived up to all expectations – in fact exceeded them. When you enter the pavilion you are given one of two scanners – for pollen, with a flower symbol or for … Continue reading

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This is too much of a puzzle for me.

I am trying to collate some more resources for the Meet the Beekeepers event at Hughenden Manor as well as making a cake for the Penn football tournament and trying William and Kate’s favourite chocolate refrigerator cake – as per … Continue reading

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The word is out! Honey – the real stuff – is worth a pretty penny.

We went to dinner last night and I remembered that the couple we were meeting liked honey so I detrermined – and was successful – to remember to take a jar of honey. It was one of just 3 remaining … Continue reading

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Maternal pride

I don’t mean to minimise those human emotions we Mums experience when our real children succeed at something or have passed a milestone or come through an illness, but the first time a beekeeper sees their colonies flying after winter … Continue reading

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Bubbles in hexagonal jars ..and cleaning up the kitchen.

I like the hexagonal jars and there is something satisfying about the fact they echo honeycomb cells.  I noticed that on my jars they all have little bubbles accumulated at the points of the hexagon on the shoulders of the … Continue reading

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