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Thermal imaging for beehives – geeky or wise?

I’ve just been reading up about thermal imaging – in particular the FLIR camera lens for IOS. There is a great article here – this blog from Rusty is so good that every beekeeper should read it – regularly.  … Continue reading

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Ungrateful ladies

Today,  given the unusual heat and the fact that my previous very successful water source seemed to have a leak (Possibly a deer or a badger had a go at it?) the plan was a Mark 2 version.   The … Continue reading

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Awe and wonder by the flowerful – not enough in our classrooms.

Ready for some awe and wonder?  Look here short videos of such beauty – if you are a teacher, try them as your students settle at the beginning of a lesson.  There is even one captioned in French for … Continue reading

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A couple of IMPORTANT blog links/ tweets!   two girls have had the idea of asking people to send in photos of themselves reading books in support of Malala Yousafzai the girl who was shot by the taliban because of her belief in the right to … Continue reading

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It has been a while …Floriade, be a bee, geocaching all comes together

My visit to Floriade and subsequent excitement following the tagged bees has been documented before.  My ‘friends’ Wilke and Marjon, and Naomi and Jenny and their trips to collect pollen or nectar occupied hours of my time.  I am not … Continue reading

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Cyclical behaviour

In the 1800’s there was a period when beekeeping was common for most households. It helped crop yields in kitchen gardens and the sweetness of the honey was welcome when sugar was expensive. In WW2, the same sort of logic … Continue reading

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More bee data – and musings about integrity and what makes a company impressive

We have been beset by more banker scandals over the last few days in the UK.  It seems to me we have stopped rewarding integrity and loyalty and shouldn’t be too surprised at the results.  Companies are Oh so good … Continue reading

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The rooftops of London … high class hives!

I can’t believe I have only just found this as it dates from 2009. Worth a look

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Great experience

My short visit to Floriade, especially the bee pavilion lived up to all expectations – in fact exceeded them. When you enter the pavilion you are given one of two scanners – for pollen, with a flower symbol or for … Continue reading

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Microclimates, weather forecasts temperatures and implications for bees

I am quite numerate. In fact numbers often make more sense to me than words. As all beekeepers know, there are key temperatures in the bees’ world. They need to keep the brood at temperatures of about 35 degrees; they … Continue reading

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