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Life really has got in the way of blog posts

Today I am going to have a catch up.  I started by reading some of my favourite blogs.  Rusty’s wisdom is always worth considering and this one about how much honey to leave for the bees is up to her … Continue reading

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Grim statistics – and a few positive initiatives.

I belong to two beekeeping associations and the first one has written about the winter losses for 2012/2013 and put it in context over the last 5 years figures.  It is grim reading and reflects what I have heard from … Continue reading

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Bedlam revisited – successfully treated all hives now

If you are at all cowardly (and I admit I am) going back to  the scene of failure and a wee bit of scariness, is a hard step to take.  However, it had to be taken. I decided to wear … Continue reading

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Catching up a bit

We have had such a busy few weeks/months and I am afraid the blog has been neglected. The hives were prepared for winter – treated for varroa,  fed syrup and in theory settled in for the winter.  What winter?  It … Continue reading

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