Nifty moves avoid the first sting

I wandered down to look at the bees, then back via the garage to see how hubby’s project was proceeding.  then sauntered inside via the back door – looking at the plants and garden as I went.  Just as I walked inside I saw and heard a bee nip up my sleeve and felt it quickly crawl towards my shoulder.  How quick that was!  I had been warned how they tend to crawl up but had not realised how quickly.  I had not put on my bee suit (I was not opening the hive).  I had a jacket and a knitted cardigan and then under that a tee shirt.  It seemed a sting was inevitable and just before I left on holiday.  The disaster was several steps further unfolded in my mind. I took off the sleeve away from the arm with the bee and then managed to shake off the jacket hopefully without putting pressure on the bee to make me sting.  I tried to repeat this movement with the knitted cardigan /jacket – much harder as it was closer fitting – it seemed impossible but suddenly I was free of that, too, and the buzzing seemed further away – though not that far!  Phew.

Lesson learnt here!  don’t become blase and rubber bands round the wrist might be wise even when the bee suit is not worn!

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