Not on their own doorstep?

Watching the colony and the hive I have seen my bees using the water near the hive but not the plants that are closest. The bumble bees enjoy those flowers.
I have also read that bees don’t feed within 15 feet of their hive. Can anyone confirm that fact? In which case, if there are too many bee friendly plants near to the hive does it attract other bees and therefore could there be a risk of infection from the bees attracted to these flowers?
When I went down to the apiary, partly to strim and partly to sit and watch, it was sunny and the bees were very busy. It wasn’t long before I righted the seat and sat down – a little gingerly because it was still spotted with rain from the previous night. The buzz was pleasant – it almost made you think there was a very distant f1 race – and it almost made me fall asleep. Then suddenly I realised the bees must have tuned in to my original question and were trying to give me an answer, for there they were on the little cornflowers in the strawberry container I had planted with bee friendly seeds back in the spring, when The Mabels (don’t ask why this has become the name of this first colony) were even less than a twinkle in my eye. This container is no more than 6 feet from the hive and shelters the little water source. They were also busy on the stones in the water pot but I have seen them there so often that was not in question.

water source in use

Water source with bees

Hive and bee friendly plants

Hive with bee friendly plants foreground

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