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Grim statistics – and a few positive initiatives.

I belong to two beekeeping associations and the first one has written about the winter losses for 2012/2013 and put it in context over the last 5 years figures.  It is grim reading and reflects what I have heard from … Continue reading

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It has been a while …Floriade, be a bee, geocaching all comes together

My visit to Floriade and subsequent excitement following the tagged bees has been documented before.  My ‘friends’ Wilke and Marjon, and Naomi and Jenny and their trips to collect pollen or nectar occupied hours of my time.  I am not … Continue reading

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Increasing the army to save the bees

We love those companies who join us in spreading knowledge about our bees and help us spread the word about ways in which individuals can promote bee health and preservation.  In the UK the Co-operative has their Plan Bee website … Continue reading

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Catching up a bit

We have had such a busy few weeks/months and I am afraid the blog has been neglected. The hives were prepared for winter – treated for varroa,  fed syrup and in theory settled in for the winter.  What winter?  It … Continue reading

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In touch with nature

I’m a country girl so always have been interested in the plant and animal life around me – not keen on some, like mice and the moles that ruin my lawn.  I’m trying to fill some gaps in my knowledge … Continue reading

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Green returns

The title is really a pun.  At last the grass is returning with some purpose to our grey back garden.  And the heat pump is proving a good investment; saving the environment and saving us money. We previously paid about … Continue reading

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