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Neglect – and time for a bait hive

I’ve been neglecting this blog a little as it has been so interesting now we have the Arnia hive monitors at our Hughenden Manor Apiary.  I so wish I could do this at home, or set up a Raspberry Pi … Continue reading

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It has been a while …Floriade, be a bee, geocaching all comes together

My visit to Floriade and subsequent excitement following the tagged bees has been documented before.  My ‘friends’ Wilke and Marjon, and Naomi and Jenny and their trips to collect pollen or nectar occupied hours of my time.  I am not … Continue reading

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Labelling the mini jars of honey and feral highrise colony

Tuesday is our regular inspection day at Hughenden Manor.  As winter approaches, opening the hive is rare unless it is really warm but we do need to feed them so they can successfully overwinter.  Our team came with an assortment … Continue reading

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Swarms – just like buses it seems.

Last Sunday I received a message just after 1 pm about a swarm at Hughenden manor on the fence of our apiary.  It seemed impossible that it was NOT due to one of our colonies.  Only the week before we’d … Continue reading

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A touch of the contrary ..or just plain serendipity

Last year I was on the swarm list so I had a ‘kit’ to hand.  When my turn came, the HWBKA swarm officer delivered the swarm to me so I did very little.  Incidentally beekeepers, if you are on a … Continue reading

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Little miscreants?

Hive No 2 was from a swarm last year; they were received exactly a year ago 27th April 2011 – found on a school playing field.  There are lots of fears about ‘swarmy bees’ but I am just a little … Continue reading

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A potted view of the Hughenden Manor apiary project

This project is detailed more fully on another blog It is a project that allows others to understand a little more about bees and beekeeping with options for those who cannot become beekeepers themselves or those who are tempted but … Continue reading

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Madness, Woods apidector, a touch of logic and some sping fever

Morning broke full of mist or fog – what a disappointment.  I could only see as far as the closest bird feeder. But soon it seemed bright fog – and then the sun broke through.  At last it seemed to … Continue reading

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My first swarm collection

Well, they are not actually my swarm and I cannot claim much credit for the collection part either.  Len and Keith deserve all the credit for that – Keith’s foresight and Len’s confidence and agility deserving most credit.  The family … Continue reading

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