Useful links


This is a really good site; it is easy to spot the best plants (some sites list all bee friendly plants and it is hard to prioritise).  Also easy to spot, for example, hardy perennials which will be sustainable partly due to the headings and arrangement but also phrases that identify those plants that really survive despite humans and also bee focussed advice – such as planting in sheltered places with sun if possible and also the wisdowm of planting in clumps rather than a bed of just one of a species.  Links to a variety of useful info – eg a video suitable for children on making honey.

2.  here are some puzzles and games with a bee theme from Canada – interactive and colourful

3.  For teachers and home educators, with the benefit as they are from canada, of being available in both English and French

4.  UK ‘Bees in the Curriculum’ pack version 2 is available on CD and version 1 in an A4 folder (mine came with the additional CD pages printed and included).  They can be dispatched outside the UK

5.  Good old you tube  an informative and clear video that would probably suit all ages.  Mainly the honey bee life cycle but adds the perspective of other insects metamorphosis.

6.  Amazing photos including some hugely magnified

Test,  Can I embed youtube video even without a video upgrade?


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