Education and the Observation Hive

Spot the bee and its bee baskets full of pollen

Lace cap hydrangea with bees

With my background and family (4 grandchildren plus one step grandson) the idea of passing on the fascination about bees just won’t be subdued.

I have started looking at the idea of an observation hive.  They have one in Hereford library – I remember one being there from when I was quite young.  So it must be possible to have one as a sustained colony rather than just take some frames and place in the glass sided contraption.  I went to the Environment centre at High Wycombe to-day – or at least I attempted to.  It was mentioned on the HWBKA website along with the Education themes and the pack ‘Bees in the Curriculum’ which was first created by someone at HWBKA but alas having paid my parking fee and found the building it was all locked up.  I decided to phone the ‘booking number’ and they explained it had been closed for some years.  They were helpful, though – not a comment I find the cause to use frequently of phone help services!  Credit where it is due.

I need to contact HWBKA to find where they keep their observation hive now.  I had a look on eBay and generally googled the subject.  Not that I can justify buying any more bee equipment on my pension given that it will be at least a year before I get any honey yield.

So if anyone reading this has an unwanted observation hide…..   My backup idea is to start making one.  Increasingly I am glad that my school was imaginative enough to let us girls do woodwork.  On teh other hand, I probably learnt more from my father than the school woodwork lessons where the first project was a hairbrush and the final disasterous project was a magazine rack.

Given that a good way to save money is to buy flat packed hive parts I have had to do a lot of hammering over the last few months.

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