It may not look pretty, but it’s pretty popular amongst the bees

I’ve mentioned the beekeeping forum before.  Not necessarily the place to go if you want one definitive answer to anything, but there is a wealth of ideas and her is one I have pinched.

Having water for the bees is a perennial problem, especially as they seem to enjoy a rather devious mind game with their beekeepers – avoiding any of the intended sources and going for the dirtiest or the most worrying – the muddy puddle or the neighbour’s paddling pool.

Ingenious water reservoir/feeder

Ingenious water reservoir/feeder

One of the beeks described using an old container filled with water – but the cunning part was the hole cut in one face so that a block of oasis could be inserted right down to the bottom.  For those in ignorance, oasis is a block of firm foam beloved of flower arrangers because it holds lots of water and allows the flowers to take up water from the block.

I’ll add a photo for a better illustration.

On the first day after my grandaughter, Naomi, and I had created our version, there were no bees to be seen using their new facility.

However, a few days later and a cluster of bees can be seen almost permanently on it.  In fact I have to fill it quite frequently.  They seem to stay in the shady area to the base of the block.  I wonder if the first one to find it did some sort of waggle dance to let others know?  Note to self – I need a longer hose to fill the water sources as well as keep the new bee friendly plants and seeds moist.

Bees using the new water contraption

Bees using the new water contraption

Needless to say when I went to take the next photo of the reservoir in use, there were fewer bees so it was less spectacular a sight.

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