Is this a Swiss Chalet for bees?

When beekeepers go on holiday, I am afraid they look out for local bees and local honey as well as taking time to admore the scenery.

The first time I spotted what I was convinced was a Swiss version of a bee house I was caught unawares and failed to take a photo.  on subsequent occasions I managed to grab an image – but as I was moving past in a train the photo is not brilliant.

Bee chalet

What do you think?  Is it a building for bee hives, with coloured entrances to avoid drifting?  Or is there another explanation?  If it is, does anyone know where there is a better picture?

I have to admit that I have some concerns about my deduction, but it is odd that the ones I saw were so similar to each other.  Whilst at first sight the building seem tall, they would need to be tall enough for the beekeepers to stand when they dealt with the bees.

This page seems to support my theory

About apiarylandlord

Definitely past it - whatever it was - I may have blinked and missed it. New to beekeeping and totally entranced by the experience. That is probably all you need to know until I work out how secure this blog is. Great fan of recycling - see to find your local group. Save things from landfill. Pass on your surplus, locally, for free or ask for things you need in case you can have someone's cast off again for free.
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1 Response to Is this a Swiss Chalet for bees?

  1. Emily Heath says:

    I’m always looking out for bees on holiday too! Obsessed. It certainly could be a bee house, they seem to be popular in Europe.

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