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BBC video – how tech can help the honeybee

Our volunteer bee project at Hughenden Manor has the Arnia hive equipment (apart from the scales) and we are still refining our ability to interpret the data. This little BBC video gives a useful overview. BBC video on tech in … Continue reading

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More bee data – and musings about integrity and what makes a company impressive

We have been beset by more banker scandals over the last few days in the UK.  It seems to me we have stopped rewarding integrity and loyalty and shouldn’t be too surprised at the results.  Companies are Oh so good … Continue reading

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More questions

I’m still fascinated by some of the data that Nspyre are making available about their chipped bees.  Given the dreadful UK weather, it is easier than trying to see much of my bees activity. I’ll be saying more about the … Continue reading

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Can our apiary choice make up for poor weather or other problems?

I mused about microclimates the other day.  Luckily I had someone I could ask about how temperatures in my apiary could differ from the sort of temperatures quoted in weather forecasts. Here is his comment/reply:  Yes, weather forecast temperatures are … Continue reading

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Microclimates, weather forecasts temperatures and implications for bees

I am quite numerate. In fact numbers often make more sense to me than words. As all beekeepers know, there are key temperatures in the bees’ world. They need to keep the brood at temperatures of about 35 degrees; they … Continue reading

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The humble dandelion

When we inspected the hives at Hughenden Manor yesterday, the pollen being brought in seemed particularly vibrant in colour.  We saw bright yellow and also a bright orange.  I’d not anticipated such generous pollen loads with the days of heavy … Continue reading

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